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Back-Flow Prevention

Many people are not aware of how easy it is to become exposed to contaminated drinking water. As a result of day to day business operators who use chemicals and dispose of them in regular drainage systems (salons, grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, retail buildings, multi-tenant buildings & hotels) the dangers of toxic waste getting into our drinking water is very real.

How can this contamination happen? Aren’t potable water lines and waste systems separated?

Yes and no. Simply put, water can flow backwards. The cause can be as simple as floodwater or a less obvious cause like a high demand fire hydrant causing a syphoning effect from a connected basin of contaminated water. This may sound complicated, but it is a dangerous enough situation that thousands of backflow prevention devices are in at this very moment in our own city. Neglected and uninspected devices put you and your family at risk.

There is however, a regulatory system in place at both the municipal and provincial level across Canada, monitoring these devices annually and keeping records of every backflow device in existance. The equipment used in testing these devices also requires annual certification to ensure the information gathered is accurate and that the devices are working correctly. Businesses who fail to have their devices properly tested by a certified inspector will be subject to their water being shut off to protect the general public from risk.

Our two certified inspectors take this job VERY seriously and work closely with the local authorities to enforce compliance without exception. Sureflow Plumbing & Heating will annually track, test, record and submit results to the local authorities for you. Any repairs required to receive a passing grade on your device will be done in a very efficient and skilled manner to keep your device certified safe. We’ve got your back!

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