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Water Line Replacement and Upgrades

Reasons to replace/upgrade your existing water or drainage lines:
  • You live in an older home and you need to start upgrading or replacing some very old piping before it starts to leak
  • You are renovating and need to get some lines moved before you can start the project
  • You own a cottage and the original plumbing is old and corroded
  • You have the Kitec water lines in your home and cannot sell it until the Kitec is removed by a Licensed Plumber
  • You have the Kitec water lines, they are leaking and you wish to participate in a class action lawsuit
  • You have the Kitec water lines, they are not leaking but you want to be proactive and have them removed

For more information on Kitec Plumbing systems and the current class action suit in Canada please click on the link below:

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