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Preventative Maintenance

We have families too; we have regular bills to pay and vacations that we want to take. We are just like you. We understand not wanting unexpected plumbing problems, unnecessary interruptions to our plans and a strain on the monthly budget. If you do run into a plumbing problem, we are here to help at a reasonable cost to get you back to doing whatever it is you want to do.

Below are a few hints that may help to prevent you from calling us!

  • Consider using  Bio-Clean to help maintain free-flowing drainage lines and a properly functioning septic system
  • Think twice about the kind of toilet paper you are using. Do a simple shake test on your favorite brands; take one square of tissue and insert it into a 500 ml bottle of water that is ¾ full of water and shake for two seconds. If the tissue is not broken down into hundreds of little pieces then the paper you are using has the potential to clog your drains. A lot of the thick, soft, luxury brands do not break down fast enough resulting in fetch ups on irregularities in older drain systems, potentially turning into solid sticky globs that build up and cause a total blockage. We recommend Royale and any brand that passes the shake test
  • One of the more common causes of drain blockages happens in the tub or shower. Consider using inexpensive drop-in hair collectors and clean them frequently
  • Don’t forget to close windows during the freeze-up season especially if they are directly over baseboard heaters
  •  Leave cabinet doors open to allow warm air to continue to circulate around your pipes, especially if you know that there is very little insulation in the walls in the kitchen and bathrooms

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